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V-Belt Pulleys

181 - 2.8" Diameter
182 - 4" Diameter
183 - 5 1/4" Diameter

All V-groove pulleys are deep groove to ensure belt retention at high RPMs

V-Belt Crank Pulleys

(5.25" OD)

A unique pulley design allows this crank pulley to be used with either SBC or BBC balancers. Works with OEM or racing balancers & crank triggers.

293 - SBC
295 - BBC   

Cog/Gilmer Crank Pulleys

Designed to be used with Moroso, Delwest or other stackable systems off the front of the crank. Comes with complete guides.

290 - 24 Tooth
292 - 28 Tooth

Water Pump Drive System for Alternator

This system will not interfere with any other pulleys being used, as it mounts on the front of the water pump pulley.

Comes complete with alternator and water pump pulleys and a 24" belt.

170 - Serpentine
171 - V-belt
(not shown)

Spacer Kits

Motorplate Spacer Kit

This kit spaces the alternator and crank pulley away from the engine 2 3/4 to put the entire assembly in front of a motor plate (Works with bracket #881 or 882.) The kit includes billet aluminum crank pulley spacers, bolts, and bracket spacers.

Part # 982

67-69 Camaro/Nova Spacer Kit

This kit was designed for owners of '67-69 Camaros that would like to install the 100 Amp Pro Series Kit # 8-881 but have a problem installing it with crossmembers. This spaces the crank pulley and bracket away from the crossmembers.

Part # 981

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